First Week in GT!

Finally in Georgetown! The ways in which I am writing this blog differently than my last are crazy to think about–I’m 2,700 miles away in a new country, no air conditioning, there are stray cats outside rather than my family’s cat at my bedroom door, and I’ve been sleeping with a mosquito net and no covers rather than four blankets and a memory foam pillow.

As soon as we landed and drove away from the airport on Monday, I realized how poor Guyana actually is. Little did I find out in Ohio, Kentucky and Rome, the world is a crazy place. This country is more poor than I could have ever dreamed up in my mind; I was naive to the idea that this is an actual lifestyle, not just a character’s setting in a fictitious movie. Of course, this is becoming less and less shocking to me, but when we first arrived I was absolutely amazed and speechless at the extreme poverty. The fact that I have (a million times) before complained about not having nice enough things is ridiculous.

One of the crazier things to me are the roaming animals: cows, horses, goats, chickens, stray dogs and stray cats. They are everywhere! Like, cows and horses on their own just grazing along a small yard, or near a stream. Horses are also used to pull wagons on the street, and I have seen a few people walking horses around. In Kentucky I see horses in huge, huge fields with massive barns to accompany them. Here they are just on their own–walking across streets, creeping down a residential street. And cows are not huge beef cows like in KY, just skinny little guys here.

So far we have been staying at the convent with a few Sisters of Mercy. Tonight, we move into our house. Our home is in the city and we have not yet spent a ton of time near there. I’m sure it will take getting used to, but we will learn a lot very quickly about downtown GT and all its business. Yesterday we did take the bus to the main market and it was an absolute madhouse. I’m sure that will become less dramatized with time, but for now it is insanity to me.

The past two days I have spent a few hours at Mercy Wings Vocational Centre where I will work this year. The school is interestingly built, so incredibly different than anything in America (duh, but it still is the only comparison I have to make). The roads in town are paved, just covered in dirt, but the road to Mercy Wings is unpaved mud with HUGE potholes. No one has driven more than a few miles an hour on this road because of the potholes, and the bus will drop me off much earlier than this mud pit of a road. The first day of school is Monday, and I think that is when I’ll learn specifics (maybe) about my role and what my day-to-day will look like. The school staff suspects the first week or so of school will be poorly attended, so I may meet some students Monday, but more in the following days and week.

This weekend we’ll face the bank (eek) and our first few days on our own at our house! Hopefully over the weekend I can head to an internet cafe to load a few pictures.

Hope life in the states is treating all well!


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