“Hey guys, we’ve got our first tarantula!” -Matt

Last night we saw our first tarantula…it was in our house. It was larger than the palm of my hand and had gross, hairy legs and scared us all as much as a tarantula in your house should scare anybody. We kept tabs on it for a while, but at one point it wasn’t where we had seen it and now its “gone”. I’m telling myself that it went back into the wild and hates being indoors, so there is no way it would return (fingers crossed).

This is absolutely the scariest thing we’ve seen in our house, second to the disgustingly large (6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide) millipede we saw dash across our floor, third to the 9 million gecko lizards that live with us–those things are everywhere!; in the shower, bedroom, living room, kitchen, sinks; they’re pretty creepy, but I’ve heard they eat mosquitoes so I guess they’re okay.

The next things I’m dreading seeing are snakes, I assume those will come out during the rainy season (eek x 1000). I’ve already seen a few rats, both dead and alive, around the city and as long as those things stay far away from me I’ll be able to manage. But the snakes, there is no distance that is far enough away.

Clearly, these things would never exist in my house in America! Which is what makes this experience more and more eye opening and adventurous. I’m learning the things I am able to live without (wifi, a washing machine, running water past 8ish PM, etc.) and what I can live with (ants absolutely everywhere, those dumb lizards, having to buy drinkable water almost daily, etc.). However, it is way safe to say I will never have “tarantulas in my house” on the list of things I’m okay with…


4 thoughts on ““Hey guys, we’ve got our first tarantula!” -Matt

  1. Creepy. I don’t mind snakes (they eat the rats) nor lizards (they eat the ants & other bugs). But spiders that big are just creepy. Don’t think I’d be OK with that either.


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