Yesterday was our one month anniversary of being in Guyana; I can’t quite decide if that month flew by or dragged by, but either way, its past! Most of the month was spent adjusting to the new lifestyle in Guyana: some of it to a new job, some of it to constantly sweating no matter what. That adjusting period will extend way more into the year that I was hoping it would, but I guess thats all a part of joining a new community, society, city, country. It takes time.

Now for the changes! First, we have a new critter in our house: a mouse. There may actually be two mice, but I’ve only seen them separately, so I guess it could be one mouse in more than one place. I’m not particularly bothered by these things, but no one actually wants a mouse in their house.

Second, I have a new job! Mostly. After a few conversations, I found that I was feeling  underused and a little in the way at Mercy Wings. They were happy to have me around as an extra set of hands, but I felt I was more in the way. Which was good! They have a staff that fills the holes they need to have filled, and thats great. Anyways, instead of teaching the ADP class bi-weekly, I’ll only be at Mercy Wings for one day a week. Monday’s will be devoted solely to counseling students. I’m glad for this; I didn’t want to continue doing a lot of nothing at Mercy Wings, but I wasn’t looking forward to ditching the students completely. So thats new.

The other four days of the week I’ll spend at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital (where Jess, the physical therapist, and Monica, the nurse also work) in Patient & Family Services as a social worker. My main role will be counseling and case management in the HIV/AIDS Clinic in this department, but also will include counseling with patients throughout the hospital when needed. So far its been great: I’ve had autonomy in my days, I’ve been shown how to do things I need to do, and the staff members in the department are friendly and inviting. Tuesday will be my first day with patients at my desk without being observed, so I’m looking forward to that. All in all, I think the job switch was a good one and will help me feel like the sweat and mosquito bites here are worth it.

Oh yeah, in case anyone wasn’t sure of this yet, I have a genetically-bad set of teeth. yes, I brush; yes, I floss; no, I don’t guzzle Kool-Aid. I just have really, really bad teeth. Charming, huh? As if these teeth aren’t bad enough in America, they’re trying to make an impression in Guyana too. I’ve been in lots o’ pain this week and if it persists, I’ll find myself in a dentist chair in Georgetown, Guyana getting a who knows what done to my mouth. Eeeeeeek. Lets hope this isn’t the case (but seriously, we know it is…my teeth hate me)!

Everyone back home, please enjoy the fall weather for me! And also enjoy blankets, there is absolutely no need for them here but I do miss them!


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