Everyone has asked about the food, and I had been super curious before arriving, so this one is all about the food.

Here the standard day includes a small breakfast of bread and jam, maybe an egg, then a large lunch: TONS of rice, curry, chicken, potatoes, etc., and then a small dinner of again, bread and jam. The first week here, I had more sliced white bread than I have probably in the last 10 years. It was a lot.

While those are the meals the Guyanese eat, the four of us in my house have been sticking to a large dinner instead. We don’t eat lunch together, so cooking an actual meal and eating as a group at dinnertime is more fun. We’ve been making lots of rice with beans, spaghetti, “tacos”, pizza and fried rice. Pretty standard dinners.

At the market we have access to lots of fruit. We’ve had: pineapple (OMG so good), bananas (again, so good), mangos (here, they are about the size of a kiwi and you eat them like an apple, skin and all; super good), guava (we made it into juice), golden apple (meh) as well as vegetables: pears (avocados), eggplant, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, carrots. We attempted to make a pumpkin meal–not good. Other than that, our tries to expand our food horizons have gone pretty well!

At bakeries and at most events with “refreshments” are cheese scones, which seem more like cheese biscuits to me. They’re very good, though, and have spices in them too. Also, pine (apple) tarts and black cake–so far it seems like a cake thats supposed to taste like ginger bread but instead tastes like nothing.

The best food I’ve had here has been at Mercy Wings, the school lunch. America is doing it all wrong! Each day, a woman cooks a HUGE pot of rice and a HUGE pot of something else (curry, beans, chicken, potatoes, chow mein) and each student and teacher gets a homemade, hot plate of food. Its awesome. Nothing is frozen, fried, covered in salt. The curry is the best curry I’ve ever had (and I love curry in the states); its definitely food I would pay for at a restaurant, and its the school lunch. A few teachers were appalled to hear about my high school lunch room serving fries with nacho cheese and frozen chicken nuggets (duh). But seriously, the school lunch is awesome. I don’t always know what it is, but its good.

Last night, Jess made chili and tonight Matt is making black bean burgers! Its safe to say we’re doing pretty well on the food side of life here.


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