“Miss sing about Santa Claus!”

^ Words of a 10-year-old boy at the pool yesterday morning. So I started singing about Santa Claus (against my will because its before Thanksgiving, duh). He sang along for a little while; yep, very cute.

The internet is turning out to be more difficult to use than I initially thought. I could complain about not having wi-fi all day long but I guess I could also be thankful for being challenged and learning to live without it! Its tough though, especially wanting to stay in touch with friends and family at home and having to make specific plans to go somewhere to pay for communication with them. Anyways, that explains my lack-of-blogging!

My job at the hospital has been great. Each day I meet with a number of patients enrolled in the HIV clinic who are receiving medication. I’ve realized that I really love counseling; probably because I like to talk, and counseling is just a glorified name for talking to people. I also spend some time on the hospital floor, talking with patients who seem to need a conversation or two. This week the most interesting was a woman who came into the ER with what she said was chikingunya, and was actually in labor. The baby was healthy, the mom was healthy; but the mother and her mother continued to say no one knew the baby was coming and that it was a “miracle baby”. She said the chikingunya was what made her stomach swell…it totally could have been on TLC’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”, but maybe could have been on “I’m Crazy and a Good Liar” too.

Yesterday we had five third-graders from the orphanage over to our house for the afternoon. We went to the seawall to fly a kite, and the boys played in the dirt and shells. Then we came home to make pizza and the boys watched Frozen (by request!). Without a doubt the cutest thing was the five of them sitting on our love seats in a Frozen trance, singing along to “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman”. It was as cute as it sounds.

(I’m going to stop mentioning how hot it is, just because it always is and will be disgustingly hot from now until forever. And I’m never going to stop sweating.)


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