For the past several months, chikingunya has been all the rage in Guyana and the Caribbean in general. Actually, its just everywhere. Its transmitted through daytime mosquitoes and causes pain in the joints, swelling of the feet and hands, fever, dizziness, loss of appetite and sometimes a rash. I’ve heard from so many different people who have had it different ways it plays out: some are sick for three days and can’t move at all, some are sick for a week and still have terrible joint pain for months after.

Either way, its terrible, and everyone has had it! I’m surprised our house has made it a full 8-weeks without any of us getting it, but we know its just a matter of time. It is absolutely everywhere, and before long we’ll be waking up to joint pain and swollen ankles and a (hopefully) week of pain and sickness. At least its not Ebola… (which is not in Guyana, but is in Ghana—they’re two different countries, on two different continents).

It seems like no matter how much bug repellant I use, I still end up with an insane amount of mosquito bites. At night I have a mosquito net, but a typical morning has a few mosquitoes with me inside of it! I’m trying hard to avoid the ‘gunya, and also trying to not go crazy with these stupid mosquitoes, but I know the first of those is more than likely inevitable.

If I get chikingunya a day after posting this then we’ll know someone is out to get me.


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