Smells of GT

The other day I got a postcard in the mail from my brother Peter (thank you again!) and among some other very Peter-y words mentioned applying the crop-rotation technique to my sense. Yeah, it sounds bizarre but as the week progressed I couldn’t stop focusing on which sense I was using, and I really zoomed in on them all. So this is the first sense-rotation: smells.

The Good: fried chicken (its everywhere, it smells great, I can’t complain); bread baking (the bakery down the block from us has fresh bread and bakery goods each day, #yup); Chinese cooking (again, I can’t complain); curry cooking (do I need to repeat myself?); every once and a while a “bonfire” smell that makes me think of fall and cool weather at home; and the wonderful, cool, refreshing smell of rain

The Bad (…here we go…): sewage, stagnant/moldy/algae-infested/bacteria-filled/sludgy/gross water (the ditches lining the sidewalks of the streets help control flooding, as well as the canals that run through the city; they’re filled with trash and are seriously disgusting); stray dogs (they’re everywhere, some are cute though…); trash (they have waste management here, but its not doing the trick. Almost every street is lined in trash, sometimes bags full and other times loose trash, but lots of it); and after about a minute of enjoying the “bonfire” smell, I realize its only burning trash, which isn’t as nice as a bonfire


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