“Its Christmastime in Guyana”

Yeah, somehow it is already time to sing Christmas carols? This past Friday night was the downtown “light up” of Christmas lights, officially starting the Christmas season in Georgetown. Typically, the season begins November 1st, but nothing serious happens until mid-month. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever willingly celebrated or sung anything Christmas-y before Thanksgiving; I’m a real stickler for no pre-Thanksgiving Christmas-ing. But, when in Guyana…

It was weird to go to a Christmas event in a tank top, but the spirit of the night was just what I was hoping it would be. The event included a stage with performers: singers, singing groups, a comedian, dancers, a choir, all singing or dancing or performing to a holiday song. And the songs are the same—they’re about snow and sitting by the fire, even though those things are irrelevant here. The crowd was mostly families, and the little kids were so cute and excited, as all little kids are for Christmas. Once it got dark they lit the lights in the trees lining the streets and the event ended with an appearance from Santa(s)—one black Santa and one white Santa. It was a really great atmosphere of happiness and excitement; serious “Christmas Joy”.

I can’t say its getting any easier to imagine that this year’s Christmas will be unlike all of the others, but I think feeling the same Christmas excitement in Guyana that I feel in the States was a good reminder that regardless of the weather or the location or the timing, Christmas is Christmas. And somehow we’ll make Christmas here as Christmas-y as possible. We’ve already bought Christmas movies and my dad gave me Christmas CDs to bring in August, so the Christmas joy will be a-flowin’ in the MVC house.


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