“It’s good to know a little bit about this… and a little bit about THAT”

The other day the four of us were walking home on our street and got stopped by the neighbors two doors down from us. These neighbors are really friendly and always outside, but usually we just wave and greet each other and then do the same thing when we pass by again. There has been a little banter here and there, but nothing serious. So they stopped us on our walk home and all of the sudden they were talking and not stopping.

They were two brothers, 25 and 32, and they were totally dynamic: building off of each other like crazy. When one got excited, the other would get even more excited.  They talked to us (we talked a little bit to them, but seriously, once they started they were just on a roll) for an hour and a half. At one point they were talking about how crazy it must be for us to be in Guyana, how different it must be—neither have been to America before and don’t understand that each city “has everything”, like that Miami AND New York have hospitals and schools and stores and such. After several minutes of this topic they slyly gave us some respect for being in Guyana; one brother said “its good to know a little bit about ‘dis”, and with so much excitement the other joined him in saying “AND A LITTE BIT ABOUT ‘DAT!”. It was so cute, and their accents made it even more animated.

So, now we’ve got neighborhood pals down the street, and they’ve admitted to watching out for us already and told us to send any trouble we have to them. So we’ve got friends and personal security.


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