GT Flood #1

We have been anxiously awaiting the “rainy season” here to start at the end of November and to last until the end of January. Last weekend it was rainy for a few hours, and it rained each day during the week as well. We figured it was the beginning, maybe a false start to the season. I wasn’t complaining; with the rain comes less sun and COOL temperatures! My fan went from perpetually on the highest setting to the lowest setting. Like I said, I’m all for the rainy season temperatures.

Thursday morning I woke up early to run (I had declined running Wednesday evening because of a few puddles after an afternoon rainstorm…LOL), and this is what I saw out the front door: IMG_1719

There was about 8 inches of water in our “yard” out or door, 12 leaks in the roof and it was continuing to pour. It had rained HARD throughout the entire night and didn’t stop until mid-morning. We were about one centimeter away from a flooded first floor, and we got lucky. However our first floor was covered in buckets catching water from our leaks, and our couch got soaked and is now, as you can imagine, not in good shape.

The street, as seen from upstairs

We weren’t able to get out of the house, so we had a “rain day” (?). The canals and ditches lining the streets were completely flooded over. Its a normal day to see a dead animal in either the canals or the ditches, not to mention the immense piles of trash everywhere–so knowing all of that was floating around on the streets was enough to keep me inside. It took the entire day of semi-sun to dry the yard enough to make it out to the street, but even then we found several streets still under water.


These photos are from my bedroom windows, the street we typically walk everywhere on was totally flooded. IMG_1721

Here is a video of the flood taken by the local news. It shows a different view than the one from my house, and also a good look at what GT really looks like. Everyone was taken aback by the early flooding and its severity, but this is something I’ll be getting “used to” for the next few months.


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