Pre-Thanksgiving in GT

Today I was missing home like crazy–knowing my family is making their ways to Pennsylvania for a weekend of family, food and cold weather is a hard thing to muster when I’m sweaty and without stuffing to eat tomorrow. Our plan is to go to a fast-food chicken place for a “feast” tomorrow night; we never go out to eat, so it’ll be a special treat for us! Even though this sounds super enticing, its no real Thanksgiving feast, obviously.

So while I was in my no-Thanksgiving-stupor and missing my family like mad, I was crossing a street when I spotted a guy wearing a Penn State shirt on the corner across from me. My family goes near Penn State to spend time with our loved ones, and somehow a piece of Penn State ended up with me in GT. I think while I was convincing myself of how far away from my family I am in distance, the Universe was reminding me that distance isn’t everything, and my family is always close to me in my heart.

Its a big world, but love makes it smaller. Happy Thanksgiving Eve and seriously–eat stuffing in my honor tomorrow.


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