Merry Christmas Eve from Guyana!

I’m writing this quick note from the internet cafe before my Christmas festivities really take off here in Guyana. There are about 6 or 7 other people here talking on phones VERY loudly, and the house across the street decided to get some big ole speakers to blast music from all day today. So calling home post-computer-use will be bass-filled and overall very difficult. BUT.

I didn’t want anyone to think I was spending Christmas sulking about not being home. Yeah, I wish I were! I’m homesick for my family and my friends, and for a comfortable couch and an extravagant Christmas celebration. BUT.

In a few hours we’ll collect our two 12-year-old boys from the orphanage who will be “ours” for the next few days! The two of them will come over tonight and we’ll have a “fancy” dinner (meaning we’re having SIDE DISHES), Christmas movies and some sparkling juice to make some sort of a toast. Tomorrow we’ll “open presents” (the boys will open presents they bring with them from the orphanage) and then we’ll take them to another home, while the four of us have Christmas Lunch at the convent with a bunch of Sisters. We’ll pick the boys up again after and continue spending the day with them, and take them home either Thursday night or Friday morning. We’ve made tons and tons of paper snowflakes and hung them up in the house, and even bought some cheap, felt stockings to fill with cookies and treats for the boys. We know this Christmas is mega different for us, but its their Christmas too! We want to make it a nice one for them.

I know it’ll be a fun day or two. It’s still hard though. I hope everyone at home can recognize how lucky they are to have traditions, comforts and serious celebrations to look forward to each year. I’m missing my family and our traditions more than I thought possible. But I’m happy to be here, I’m glad to have my community-pals here. Together we’ll make each other’s Christmases special.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And family: you guys better be sleeping in the same room tonight even without me there to force it!


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