Happy New Year (16 days late)!

The serious blogging haitus was not just me being lazy! Lots has been going on; December was a busy busy busy month at work, lots of holiday events and parties to attend, and finally the Christmas-New Year week which made me feel like I was never going back to work for a full day again.

The new year has been equally crazy; getting settled into work again (seriously, it felt like I was gone for weeks), and dot dot dot MOVING from our old house into our new home. Its amazing the change in just one week of living in a comfortable, clean, sanitary and rodent-free home! We are all much much much more relaxed now and are able to actually appreciate Guyana, rather than constantly wish we would come home to our house magically gone so we would, without a doubt, get a new one.

I’ll share more soon–pictures from the new apartment, and from the old one if I’m willing to look at them again, stories from the holidays and current “only in Guyana” moments that are just really hittin’ the spot. Spoiler: to say Guyana has grown on me is probably an understatement.

For anyone wanting to send mail (hint hint), my new address is 25 North Rd., Bourda, Greater Georgetown, Guyana.


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