Our New Home !!!!!!!!!!!

The old house was baaaaaad. There were critters, holes in the floors and walls, mold, leaks in the roof, junk everywhere from when our hoarder-land lady used to live there; ALL of our furniture was broken, the door didn’t properly close. You name it, it was messed up at our house.

We were very lucky to have been able to get outta there. Now we’re in a new home! Two bedroom apartment on the first floor, beneath our landlord, his wife and grandson. Next to us is a cab hub which has both phones and computers for calls and the internet, as well as staff 24-hours a day (hello, security guards). The place is clean (!!!!), has couches that have no rodent matter on them, are not broken and allow us to sit in peace and comfort. Man oh man, what a difference a home can make.

Even being here just one week, I can see the difference in energy of our entire group. The old house was sucking out all of our energy in the forms of complaints, disgust, discomfort and frustration. We weren’t able to exhale at the end of the days, and so I have four months of pent-up frustrations in me! Here, though, I can relax, reflect and just be.

The past week I’ve recognized the particularities of the Guyanese culture that I love, the parts of the city that I’ll miss when I leave, and the parts of my “home” life that will be most difficult to return to. Without a house to complain about non-stop, I have much more energy and willingness to see the Guyanese culture as hospitable, friendly, relaxed-as can be, non-judgmental and communal. We are verrrrrrry happy here.

I’ll attach some pictures so you can see, like a blog-isode of Cribs: MVC in Guyana Edition.

IMG_2010 IMG_2008 IMG_2007


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