Kaieteur & Orinduik

This is the easiest blog post for me to write because the pictures will do (most of) the talking. Kaieteur is in the literal middle of nowhere—the flight we took was about an hour long, in a 15-person place, and flew over SO MUCH LAND with absolutely nothing but trees. The interior of Guyana is known for its beauty, though less than 10% of the country’s population lives “inside”. What does happen in the middle of all that vastness is mining of gold, bauxite and diamonds, and logging for timber. Most of what we flew over has never been touched by humans, which is a pretty cool thing to think about.

It was a beautiful flight, and then Kaieteur was just amazing. If you’ve spent even a minute with me ever before you know that I am not one to be “speechless” at…anything. But seriously, this waterfall comes out of nowhere and is HUGE (5 times the height of Niagra Falls to be exact) and then flows into this incredible valley that you can see for miles and miles. I was speechless when we arrived at our first “viewing point” of the waterfall, and now again as I try to capture the amazement of this thing. Kaieteur is advertised as “majestic”, and although I have never used that word to describe anything before, I now understand the meaning; Kaieteur was literally majestic, and nothing else will ever deserve that adjective.

We took tons of pictures, so only a portion of them are on here, but if you ever want more let me know and I can send you eighty different pictures of the same view of the waterfall. There are no railings or barriers here, so you can get as close as you want to the edge. It stresses me out to think back on this, but I think adrenaline was carrying me and I got adventurous/crazy enough to dangle my feet over the ledge of a rock in front of the waterfall; beneath me was 800 feet of emptiness and then huge rocks. That waterfall was making me brave!

After two hours of taking pictures and being mystified by this waterfall we headed back towards the plane (they land this thing in the middle of nowhere, all of the sudden we were going down towards what is essentially a gravel sidewalk; its insane). Then we flew another 25-minutes to the border of Brazil, where Orinduik Falls is. These falls are more widespread and calmer, and are surrounded by more grass lands and desert-type land, rather than the lush-ness of the rainforest surrounding Kaieteur.

At Orinduik we were allowed to swim in the falls; this was dope. Even though the falls were only 15-20 feet high those things are powerful! We stood under the water and navigated the slippery moss-covered rocks for an hour or so, again, amazed at the beauty. Portions of Orinduik look like they’re man made: so precise and just incredibly picture perfect. If someone added a sign of a president’s name, they could totally pass as a monument.

Most of what made this day so spectacular were the sights—I’ve never before been so impressed and amazed by sights in nature, and seeing the interior of Guyana made me strangely proud of it, like I wanted to show it off to everyone. Who knows what the actual “best day of my life” will be, but this takes the cake for right now.

IMG_2144 IMG_2153 IMG_2162 IMG_2178 IMG_2213 IMG_2215 IMG_2218 IMG_2220 IMG_2238 IMG_2239 IMG_2247 IMG_2267

Channing Tatum has a picture in this very spot.
Channing Tatum has a picture in this very spot.

IMG_2270 IMG_2285


IMG_2341 IMG_2352 IMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2370 IMG_2371


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