Guyana Lately

WHOOPS about this second hiatus I’ve taken! I’ll fill in all the holes in the coming days (and by “days” I mean we shall see when it happens), but here are the main things that have gone on the past six weeks or so:

-Mom and Dad came to visit and we had the time of our lives. Not exaggerating here.

-Matt, Jess and I went to Lethem, Guyana for a weekend. Shortened version: long, beautiful (and miserable) bus ride, a few days in the tiny town, spotted: Brazil-Guyana border, equally miserable bus ride home.

-A week of being sick, pretty sure because of the water I used to brush my teeth at a stop along the way to Lethem. Oops.

-Monica gets malaria. Womp womp.

-Malaria continues, Monica heads home to recover in the comforts of a parent-spoiling-home and second opinions from American doctors.

And that brings us to now. Seriously, I’ll get around to filling in the details of these things soon/eventually! Its been a great past few weeks, so they’re worth taking time to write about. For now I’m going to listen to Jesus Christ Super Star soundtrack all day and then to the sea wall to see kites being flown. Hoppy Easter to all o’ y’all at home!


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